Afro-Asian Literature: My Point of View

If you ask me what Afro-Asian Literature is about, for me, it shows the traditions, values and most importantly, their point of view in life. And I was right! But in addition to that, it actually reflects on the struggles and challenges that these developing nations have encountered. I certainly agree on that statement because this type of literature can be an inspiration to a nation’s history and culture. It goes from the passing of different stories called oral tradition, to the present literary outputs, either prose or poetry. I’ve seen some Afro-Asian literary works and they all leave us a lesson which we can apply in our daily living. It opens up the mind to much more amazing things that we can learn from life. One of the things that it taught me was their traditions. Whenever I watch Asian movies, they never forget the respect, the discipline, and all the other good values that we can take in. In books/literary works, I appreciate how Africans and Asians tell the stories with so much honor and passion. That is why I prefer Afro-Asian Lit than any other type of literature 🙂 I sometimes would think about Philippine Literature when hearing these things. And I know we can catch up with these nations if we just motivate ourselves. Philippine Lit actually has a lot of interesting works, with so much creativity and richness in it. Taking in all the teachings that Afro-Asian Literature has taught us can be of help to our own kind of literature.

Some examples of Afro-Asian literary works:

“Dreams in a Time of War” and “Petals on Blood” by Ngugi wa Thiong’o

“Within Myself” and “Brave Faces: The Daring Stand Against Cancer” by Nasra Al Adawi

“Things Fall Apart” and “Arrow of God” by Chinua Achebe

(These are just examples I saw on the internet, there are a lot more^^)



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